Does This Sound Like You?
"I want to get organized but I don't know how"
"It's hard for me to decide what things to get rid of"
"I can't seem to stay on top of it all"
"My desk is a disaster"
"My closets are full of clutter"
"There's just not enough time"
"I feel overwhelmed looking at it"
"Where do I even start?"

Having Trouble Getting Organized?

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Professional Organizer Joan Terzo
Helps you Conquer Clutter and
Gain Control & Balance
in Your Life.

Joan works with you to develop a Personal Organizing System tailored to your Specific Needs. Together you can organize everything from attic to basement, office space, crafting space, kitchen and garage!

Get Organized NOW!

Joan Terzo
Manchester, CT 06043
Phone: 860-649-1546

Member of NAPO

(National Association of
Professional Organizers)
Since June 2001

You Can…

Eliminate Clutter

Work More Effectively/Efficiently

Be Less Stressed

Control Your Time

Double/Triple Storage Space

Save Money


Here’s How…

You Will Learn Ways To:

Prioritize Actions

Decide What to Save or Not Save

Make an Effective List

Establish Healthy Patterns

Better Manage Time

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